Overview of the BINA Activities

Joshi, S.De Cat, P.
October, 2019


Abstract :

Here, we summarize the ongoing activities of an international bilateral research project entitled “Belgo-Indian Network for Astronomy and astrophysics (BINA)” running jointly since 2014 by the astronomers of various Indian and Belgian institutions. The network activities are being financially supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST; Government of India) and the Belgian Federal Science Policy Offce (BELSPO; Government of Belgium). The structure and mandate of the BINA network are presented. The observational facilities being used to achieve the goals of the project are delineated. The overview of the activities and future perspective in the light of upcoming observational facilities are also highlighted.


Publication : Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège, in Proceedings of the Second Belgo-Indian Network for Astronomy & Astrophysics (BINA) workshop, October 2018, held in Brussels, Belgium, Vol. 88, pp. 19-30
DOI 10.25518/0037-9565.8625
Bibcode 2019BSRSL..88...19J
Keywords : BINA; Astronomy; Astrophysics; Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics;Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics