The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope

Surdej, Jean;  Hickson, P.;  Borra, H.; ... ; De Cat, P.; ... ; Lampens, P.; et al
April, 2018


Abstract :

The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) is presently (March-June 2017) being erected on the ARIES site in Devasthal (Uttarakhand). We describe and illustrate in the present paper its different components. The ILMT will be used in the Time Delayed Integration (TDI) mode to carry out a deep survey and high S/N photometric and astrometric observations of solar system, galactic and extra-galactic objects within a narrow (24') strip of sky. In principle, the ILMT should detect and regularly monitor more than 50 multiply imaged quasars. It will also detect numerous supernovae (see Kumar et al., these proceedings) as well as space debris (see Pradhan et al., also in these proceedings).


Publication : Bulletin de la Société Royale des Sciences de Liège, in Proceedings of the First Belgo-Indian Network for Astronomy & Astrophysics (BINA) workshop, November 2016, held in Nainital, India, Vol. 87, pp. 68-79
DOI 10.25518/0037-9565.7498
Bibcode 2018BSRSL..87...68S
Keywords : Astronomy;  Astrophysics; Instrumentation; Observatories; Visible