The eclipsing binary star RZ Cas: accretion-driven variability of the multimode oscillation spectrum

Mkrtichian, D. E.Lehmann, H.Rodríguez, E.; ... ; Lampens, P.Van Cauteren, P.; et al.
April, 2018


Abstract :

We analysed photometric time series of the active, semidetached Algol-type system RZ Cas obtained in 1999-2009, in order to search for seasonal and short-term variations in the oscillation spectrum of RZ Cas A. The orbital period shows ±1 s cyclic variations on time-scales of 6-9 years. We detected six low-degree p-mode oscillations with periods between 22.3 and 26.22 min and obtained safe mode identifications using the periodic spatial filter method. The amplitudes and frequencies of all modes vary.


Publication : Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 475, Issue 4, p.4745-4767
DOI 10.1093/mnras/stx2841
Bibcode 2018MNRAS.475.4745M
Keywords : binaries: eclipsing; stars: oscillations