Proceedings of the 1st BINA workshop: Instrumentation and Science with the 3.6-m DOT and 4-m ILMT telescopes

De Cat, P.Surdej, J.Omar, A.De Becker, M.Joshi, S.
April, 2018


Abstract :
The first official BINA activity was the 1st BINA workshop ( It was held from 15-18 November 2016 at the Uttarakhand Academy of Administration (UAoA, ATI) in Mallital Nainital (India). The organization was lead by Santosh Joshi (ARIES, India) who received financial support of DST (Govt. of India), BELSPO (Govt. of Belgium) and ARIES (host institute). About 150 people from India, Belgium and other countries expressed their interest for this workshop. However, due to financial limitations, only 107 astronomers could participate. They originated from 8 different countries (#88 from India, #10 from Belgium, #3 from Thailand, #2 from Japan, #1 from China, #1 from Russia, #1 from South Africa, and #1 from Taiwan), making it a true international workshop.  The focus of this workshop was on the “Instrumentation and Science with the 3.6-m DOT and 4-m ILMT telescopes”. Given that this was the first event where all the Indian and Belgian partners could meet in person, the aim was to give an overview of the current and future possibilities to base scientific projects on data obtained with the Indo-Belgian telescopes and/or other astronomical facilities in India. Furthermore, members of each partner institute have been given the opportunity to highlight their main scientific topics to stimulate collaborations with each other and international collaborators. The program of this 4-day meeting consisted of three types of activities.

Keywords : Astronomy; Astrophysics; Observatories
DOI 10.25518/0037-9565.7435