Latest Published Papers

Study of a sample of faint Be stars in the exofield of CoRoT. II. Pulsation and outburst events: Time series analysis of photometric variations

Semaan, T.Hubert, A. M.Zorec, J.Gutiérrez-Soto, J.Frémat, Y.Martayan, C.Fabregat, J.Eggenberger, P.

June 2018

K2 photometry and HERMES spectroscopy of the blue supergiant ρ Leo: rotational wind modulation and low-frequency waves

Aerts, C.Bowman, D. M.Símon-Díaz, S.Buysschaert, B.Johnston, C.Moravveji, E.Beck, P. G.De Cat, P.Triana, S.; et al

May 2018

Binarity and Variable Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 2126

Chehlaeh, N.Mkrtichian, D.Kim, S.-L.Lampens, P.Komonjinda, S.Kusakin, A.Glazunova, L.

April 2018

The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope

Surdej, Jean;  Hickson, P.;  Borra, H.; ... ; De Cat, P.; ... ; Lampens, P.; et al

April 2018