Latest Published Papers

Frequency and mode identification of γ Doradus from photometric and spectroscopic observations

Brunsden, E.Pollard, K. R.Wright, D. J.De Cat, P.Cottrell, P. L.

April 2018

Estimating the dust production rate of carbon stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Nanni, A.Marigo, P.Girardi, L.Rubele, S.Bressan, A.Groenewegen, M.A.T.Pastorelli, G.Aringer, B.

February 2018

Multi-technique investigation of the binary fraction of A-F type candidate hybrid variable stars discovered by Kepler

Lampens, P.Frémat, Y.Vermeylen, L.Sódor, Á.Skarka, M.De Cat, P.Bognár, Zs.De Nutte, R.Dumortier, L.Escorza, A.Oomen, G. M.;Van de Steene, G.Kamath, D.Laverick, M.Samadi, A.; et al.

February 2018

HR 8844: A New Transition Object between the Am Stars and the HgMn Stars?

Monier, R.Gebran, M.Royer, F.Kilicoglu, T.Frémat, Y.

February 2018