Latest Published Papers

Improved physical properties of the quadruple sub-system with the eclipsing binary QZ Carinae

Mayer, P.Harmanec, P.Zasche, P.Catalan-Hurtado, R.Barlow, B. N.Frémat, Y.; et al.

March 2020

Rotation and spots in normal A and Am/Fm stars

Trust, O.Jurua, E.De Cat, P.Joshi, S.

March 2020

Astrometric Results for Observations of Jupiter's Galilean Satellites During Mutual Occultations and Eclipses in 2009 and 2014-2015

Emel'yanov, N. V.Arlot, J. -E.Zhang, X. L.Bradshaw, J.De Cat, P.Han, X. L.Ivantsov, A.Jindra, J.Maigurova, N.Manek, J.Pauwels, T.Pomazan, A.Vingerhoets, P.

February 2020

Be and Bn stars: Balmer discontinuity and stellar-class relationship

Cochetti, Y. R.Zorec, J.Cidale, L. S.Arias, M. L.Aidelman, Y.Torres, A. F.Frémat, Y.Granada, A.

February 2020

Current and future development of the photoionization code Cloudy

van Hoof, P. A. M.Van de Steene, G. C.Guzmán, F.Dehghanian, M.Chatzikos, M.Ferland, G. J.

January 2020

Variability in Post-AGB Stars: Pulsation in Proto-Planetary Nebulae

Hrivnak, B.Henson, G.Van de Steene, G.Van Winckel, H.Hillwig, T.Bremer, M.

December 2019

Radial velocity variability in post-AGB stars: V448 Lac

Van de Steene, G. C.Hrivnak, B. J.Van Winckel, H.

December 2019

The first view of δ Scuti and γ Doradus stars with the TESS mission

Antoci, V.Cunha, M. S.Bowman, D. M.Murphy, S. J.; .... ; De Cat, P.Evans, J. A.Guo, Z.Guzik, J. A.;  Jevtic, N.Lampens, P.; et al.

December 2019

Stellar Pulsation and the Production of Dust and Molecules in Galactic Carbon Stars

Kraemer, K.E.Sloan, G.C.Keller, L.D.McDonald, I.Zijlstra, A.A.Groenewegen, M.A.T.

December 2019