Latest Published Papers

A new outburst of the yellow hypergiant star ρ Cas

Kraus, M.Kolka, I.Aret, A.Nickeler, D. H.Maravelias, G.Eenmäe, T.Lobel, A.Klochkova, V. G.

March 2019

Diverse Variability of O and B Stars Revealed from 2-minute Cadence Light Curves in Sectors 1 and 2 of the TESS Mission: Selection of an Asteroseismic Sample

Pedersen, M.G.Chowdhury, S.Johnston, C.Bowman, D.M.Aerts, C.Handler, G.De Cat, P.;  et al.

February 2019

Gaia Data Release 2. Properties and validation of the radial velocities

Katz, D.Sartoretti, P.Cropper, M.Panuzzo, P.; ... Blomme, R.; ... Frémat, Y.;  et al.

February 2019

The VMC Survey. XXXIII. The tip of the red giant branch in the Magellanic Clouds

Groenewegen, M.A.T.Cioni, M.-R. L.Girardi, Grijs, R.Ivanov, V. D.Marconi, M.Muraveva, T.Ripepi, V.van Loon, J. Th.

February 2019

Radio Continuum Spectra of Planetary Nebulae

Hajduk, M.van Hoof, P.A.M.Sniadkowska, K.Krankowski, A.Błaszkiewicz, L.Dabrowski, B.Zijlstra, A.

December 2018

Optimizing asteroid orbit computation for Gaia with normal points

Fedorets, G.Muinonen, K.Pauwels, T.Granvik, M.

December 2018

A study of pulsation & rotation in a sample of A-K type stars in the Kepler field

Chowdhury, S.; Joshi, S.Engelbrecht, C.A.; De Cat, P.Joshi, Y.C.Paul, K. T.

December 2018