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The Belgian Repository of fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra - BRASS is a Networking Project of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. The project is a large scientific collaboration on astrophysics research of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), the University of Leuven (KUL), the European Southern Observatory (ESO) at Paranal, Chile, and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). The BRASS Follow-up Committee involves the University of Antwerp (UA) and the Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde (VVS) in the networking project.

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The photoionization code Cloudy ; researchers need a modeling code that allows them to derive physical quantities such as temperature and density of the gas, the chemical composition, and the degree of ionization, as well as properties of the source of light (often a star).

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More of DUSTY (MoD)

An extension of the publically available DUSTY dust radiative transfer code (Ivezić et al. 1999). DUSTY is used as a subroutine inside a minimization code. It allows to fit photometry, spectra, intensity profiles and visibility data, and determine the best fitting luminosity, optical depth, dust temperature at the inner radius, and slope of the density distribution. 

The code is described in Groenewegen, M.A.T. 2012, A&A 543, A36 "An extension of the DUSTY radiative transfer code and an application to OH 26.5 and TT Cygni" 

The latest (July 2018) External release 6 (Internal release 16a) is available in this tar file
A sort of manual is included.... but simply E-mail me if you have questions or encounter problems (martin.groenewegen AT ! 

It has been used in: 
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Older versions: Release 5 (October 2017) is available in this tar file
Release 4 (July 2016) is available in this tar file