staff members


Martin Groenewegen ;  head of the A&A department, stellar evolution: AGB stars; stellar variability: classical and Type-II Cepheids; projects: MESS, STARLAB, VMC

Ronny Blomme ;  massive stars, Gaia-project

Peter De Cat ;  asteroseismology, BINA and LOK-projects

Yves Frémat ;  rotation and chemical composition of A- and B-type stars, Gaia and HERMES-projects

Anatoliy Ivantsov ; digitization-project

Hilde Langenaken ;  Scientific information Services, Archives and Library

Alex Lobel ;  quantitative spectroscopy, BRASS-project

Thibault Merle ;  FedTWin researcher, influence of binary stars on stellar and galactic evolution

Laurent Mahy ;  massive stars

Joan Vandekerckhove ;  technical expert ; digitization project

Griet Van de Steene ;  stellar evolution: planetary nebulae, MolPlan-project

Patricia Lampens ; Volunteer

Thierry Pauwels ; Volunteer

Peter van Hoof ;  Volunteer