Research Topics :


Massive Stars : because their loss of mass through stellar winds and their rapid life cycle has important implications on a galactic scale !


Stellar Evolution : for stars of intermediate mass the late stages of evolution are studied, particularly the (post-)AGB stars and planetary nebulæ, because their study provides important insights into stellar evolution and the physical processes responsible for the mass loss of the stars and the ionization of the planetary nebulæ.

Very fast stellar evolution is observed in Sakurai’s object, a unique object, of which a very late thermal pulse was observed in 1996.  We study the object with the VLT (Very Large Telescope, ESO, Chile) and ALMA.


Binary and multiple Systems : we try to model the observed structures to understand the underlying physical processes. The study of these objects provides valuable information about star masses, one of the most fundamental properties of stars.


asteroseismology : this research domain refers to the study of the internal structure of variable stars through the interpretation of observed stellar oscillations


stellar rotation and how this rotation influences the physics, evolution, and spectrum of stars.


The Scientific Information Services, answering questions and inquiries from public and press, assisting in all kind of outreach activities, giving general information on the ROB and on astronomy related subjects


Digitisation  :  A  facility was built at the observatory for digitising the astro-photographic archives and other collections of federal institutes. The software and hardware development is continued here to further improve the quality of the output. Minor digitisation projects of the ROB archives are ongoing as well. (ROB=Royal Observatory of Belgium)