List of different projects, that scientist from A&A are paticipating in:


BINA , Belgo-Indian Network for Astronomy and Astrophysics 

BRASS , the Belgian Repository of fundamental Atomic Data and Stellar Spectra

Cloudy , the photoionization code


Gaia , making the largest, most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy.

HERMES , the Hermes Echelle Spectrograph

HOACS , the Humain Observatory for Astrophysics of Coeval Stars

LOK , LAMOST observations in the Kepler field of view

MESS , Mass Loss from Evolved Stars

MolPlan , New cradles of molecules in interstellar space: planetary nebulæ

Sakurai's Object , a presumed late thermal pulsing object.

RUSTICCA , Revalorasing the Ukkel Schmidt telescope by installing a ccd camera

STARLAB , Evolved stars and their shells: Laboratories for stellar physics

VMC , VISTA Magellanic Cloud