Radio Continuum Spectra of Planetary Nebulae

Hajduk, M.van Hoof, P.A.M.Sniadkowska, K.Krankowski, A.Błaszkiewicz, L.Dabrowski, B.Zijlstra, A.
December, 2018


Abstract :
Radio continuum emission of planetary nebulae is a rich source of information about their structure and physical parameters. Although radio emission is well studied, planetary nebulae show higher spectral indices than expected for homogeneous sphere. A few competing models exist in the literature to explain this discrepancy. We propose that it is related to non-spherical morphology of most of planetary nebulae.

Keywords :  planetary nebulae; AGB and post-AGB; interstellar medium; radio continuum; winds; outflows
Pub Date : December 2018